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I love to receive questions and feedback about my books, and this page has been created especially with that in mind.  If you don’t want your comments to appear on the website, please let me know. All email addresses will remain private.


  1. Hey!
    Years ago, I got given The King’s Fool. I absolutely loved it!
    Picking it up after a while brought the same question as the one I asked myself right when I finished this book.
    Will there be a second book?


    • Hi Aeva,
      Glad you enjoyed The King’s Fool!
      Penguin has contracted a sequel to Unwanted. It’s expected to be published in early 2016.
      The King’s Fool was actually written as a trilogy, but the ensuing two books weren’t published. I’ve been revising them and expect to correct that myself next year.
      For the time being I’m totally committed to Unwanted.
      Amanda x

      • I second Aeva’s comment about immediately wanting to read more of the story after finishing The King’s Fool. I look forward to the other books being published in the future.

  2. Hey
    I recently I started reading a book called “unwanted ” and I loved it and I was wondering if u were going to write a unwanted 2 because I would really like to know what happens next ??

    • Hi there, and thank you for your email.
      It’s great to hear that you enjoyed Unwanted.
      I’ve written a sequel, which I’m very excited about. It’s currently going through the editing process with my publisher, Penguin Books, and I’m expecting it to hit the bookshops at the start of February 2017.
      I’d love to reveal more, but must keep things under wraps.
      Best wishes
      Amanda Holohan

      • Hi Amanda
        I was wondering are you gunna make the unwanted books into a movie because I really like the books and I thought it would be awsome if they were a movie and I was wondering when the book was coming out like the dates and everything.


        • Hi there,
          A movie of Unwanted would be awesome! So far there are no such plans, but I’d love to see it happen. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.
          The sequel to Unwanted is due out through Penguin Books at the start of February 2017. I’m hard at work on my structural edit – the first round from my publisher. Busting to post the title too, but can’t do that yet cos it might change. Really excited about this book!
          Amanda x

      • Hi Paige,
        Just a quick update, in case you haven’t already heard. The sequel to Unwanted – entitled Hunted – is now set for publication on May 1, 2017. I don’t expect this to change again … phew!
        Thank you for your patience.
        Best wishes,
        Amanda x

  3. Hi Amanda
    I read your new book Hunted recently. Loved it and went looking for the first book, Unwanted, and loved that too. Will you be writing any more on this series?

    • Hi Jenny
      Great to know you enjoyed the books – thank you. Unwanted and Hunted are the only novels I’ve written in this sequence, which is why Hunted ends the way it does. I have however sewn in the possibility for two more books further down the track, each to be written as a stand-alone with its own adventure and new challenges for the characters.
      At the moment I’m busy editing my Perry Brightfield trilogy into an omnibus. I expect to be starting something completely new and exciting in the next couple of months.
      Amanda x

  4. Hi Amanda,
    I have just finished reading “The King’s Fool”. I immediately looked online for the sequel and was so disappointed to see it is not available, as yet. I am a teacher-librarian and was thinking that I had found a new series to recommend to those who love fantasy. If I was gripped by your writing I believe many of my students would be as well. I look forward to your omnibus being published. If you could let me know when that occurs I would be most grateful. Rowland’s tale has only just begun and I need to follow his journey!

    • Dear Jane,
      Thank you for your email and sorry for my late reply – I’m only just back in the country after a trip to Ireland.
      I’m so very glad you enjoyed “The King’s Fool”. It’s one of my favourites and springs from a story I wrote as a child, though the characters have evolved dramatically. I’m still polishing the omnibus but expect to be finished in the next few months. I will definitely keep your details and update you on its progress.
      Best wishes for the new year,
      Amanda Holohan

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