Published by Penguin Books, 2017

Desperation makes people irrational. And that makes them dangerous.

As she flees through a broken wilderness, Bea is haunted by memories of Red – but she cannot allow herself to mourn. She must become hard and tough as stone. A terrible sickness is creeping through her camp, picking off survivors and slowing their escape.

Bea vows to save what’s left of her family, but she has made dangerous enemies.

They are ruthless. They are watching. And they will seek revenge.



Published by Penguin Books, 2015

Everybody knows curiosity is an evil…

Bea Azaeli lives in the world’s last existing city.

Order must be kept because outside the boundary wall there’s danger and death. But Bea’s about to discover it’s the danger inside that counts.

She’ll need to change everything she believes in if she wants to survive.

The Kings Fool

The King’s Fool

Published by ABC Books

The masks people wear are sometimes truer than the faces  behind them…   

If there’s one thing Perry Brightfield has learnt in her fifteen years of life it’s that kids can smell a freak.

Perry has no parents, no home and no friends. Her guardian Jurd has dragged her from one town to the next for as long as she can remember. She hopes he’s crazy because if he’s not then things may get worse.

Jurd says she’s in terrible danger.

He says she’s not from this world at all.

The King’s Fool was a finalist in the Aurealis Awards 2006 and is on the NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge book list.


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