Hunted front cover

Hunted, to be published May 2017 (Penguin Random House)



Unwanted (2015, Penguin Random House)

Amanda Holohan 
Photograph by: Camille Walsh Photography 


  •  I’m excited to announce that Hunted, the sequel to Unwanted, will be released by Penguin Random House on May 1, 2017!
  • I’m thrilled to be involved with the Summer Reading Club (Dec 1-Jan 31). This year’s theme is Lost Worlds and promises to take us to some amazing places. To find out more or take part visit:  The Australian Summer Reading Club
  • Enjoyed taking part in author Kirsty Eagar’s blog Where the Magic Happens. If you haven’t checked out Kirsty’s work you’ll want to – she’s a wonderful writer.
  • Loved this review of Unwanted in The Australian on March 14!   To read it click here.                                                                                                                                                                             
  • Check out this recent interview on author and journalist Sarah Ayoub’s blog   http://sarahayoub.com
  • A lot of readers are asking whether there will be a sequel to Unwanted. The good news is there will. It has been written and is now due to be released by Penguin Books in early 2017. I’m not releasing the title yet – but watch this space.  ∼ Amanda
  • Interview with Words Read and Written.


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